Phuket International Blues Rock Festival

Phuket International Blues Rock Festival
Date : 19 - 22 February, 2009
Venue : Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort and Spa, Phuket

The 2009 Phuket International Blues Rock Festival promises to be bigger than ever with at least 12 acts performing on stage during the two-night event. Now a firm fixture in Phuket’s annual entertainment calendar, the festival attracts top blues bands from around Thailand, while two popular bands from Australia and the US return once more.

Ricky Zen will once again MC the event which will have a minimum of twelve acts total with five international bands, and its headliner will be none other than Eric Bibb! Eric is a New York native but has lived in Europe most of his adult life. He is one of the greatest contemporary bluesers and tours constantly all over the world. We are very pleased to have been able to secure this wonderful artist for the 2009 show.
Next on the big newcomer list is California’s Mitch Woods and his Rocket 88s. Mitch is a world class New Orleans style boogie-woogie piano man and has set crowds abuzz around the world for 30+ years. From Europe comes Bert Deivert & Janne Zander, a top rated blues duo from Sweden.
The OZ contribution to the festival this year is a beautiful lady from the city of Perth in Western Australia. Her name is KNIKI and her voice is grunty, strong and sexy. Having listened to her just released second cd, "JUST", we just felt compelled to invite her to the 2009 show.

The 2009 festival will see a tribute act for the first time: "Chasing Jimi" - a Tribute to Jimi Hendrix featuring Jimmy Fame (USA).
By popular demand Rich Harper will return along with The Blues Machine and Bangkok’s Cannonball.
Our very own Groove Doctors fronted by Tony ’Hacksaw’ Wilson will also be back for some on-stage surgery.
See The Bands page, and more coming – stay tuned!

Established to support local charities, this year’s event will donate funds to charities that organise education for young children -- the Phuket International Women’s Club and the Phuket Has Been Good To Us Foundation.

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Thai Elephant Week

Thailand’s most noble beast, the elephant is the star of two important events this month. In the northern province of Lampang, people interested in the welfare and care of these noble animals gather for Thai Elephant Week, 13 March at the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre.

The scene of documentary films made for worldwide TV audience, the conservation centre, located in Hang Chat district in Lampang province, is a renowned refuge where elephants, both healthy and invalid, can be cared for and respected.

In this day visitors can learn from mahouts about the traditions and practices that help to maintain an elephant’s health and well-being. On the lighter side, visitors can also join the mahouts, feeding the elephants in the style of the northern Khantok dinner. Considered an ancient royal tradition adopted by princes and high-ranking officials of the Lanna Kingdom, the Khantok dinner is at the pinnacle of traditional northern cuisine.

Thai Elephant Week
Date : 13 March 2009
Venue : Thai Elephant Conservation Centre, Lampang

Thailand Standard Hotels Directory 2008

Know for a complete range of facilities and amenities, as well as exceptional hospitality, the Thai hotel business has risen to have a role of major significance in our country's tourism industry. This has been further accentuated by initiating the necessary strategies that would create a positive image of Thailand to travellers and business people all around the world.

With this in mind and in wishing to have the hotel and resort industry recognized at the international level, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), in conjunction with the Foundation for Standard and /human Resource Development in the Hospitality Industry (Hotel Standard), the Thai Hotels Association (THA), the Association of Thai Travel Agents (ATTA), and relevant educations, has implemented the Project to Establish the Thailand Hotels Standard.

This is aimed at developing the hospitality and tourism industry, as well as human resources within the hotel business to meet the internationally set standards. This initiative is also being further promoted in the Hotel Directory 2007-2008 that has been published for the benefit of key stakeholders and the general traveling public.

Therefore, on behalf of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to hotels, resorts, and the relevant public and private agencies for not only participating in the aforesaid project, but also for their continuous endeavors that in tum further promotes Thailand’s tourism industry to the global arena.

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Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2009

Date : 6 - 8 February 2009
Venue : Nong Buak Hat Park, Chiang Mai

If you are obsessed with beautiful flowers and decorative plants, this is the festival for you. Experience these beautiful flower-decorated floats and a magnificent tapestry of floral splendor that blankets the land. There are also agricultural exhibitions, floral contents, and product sales by local groups of housewives.

A highlight of the festival is the grand parade that attracts sponsoring companies and organisations that beautify floats with elaborate flower decorations, presenting an eco-tourism message or just simply stealing the hearts of spectators with their vivid colours and beauty.

The parade leads up to the annual beauty competition to crown the city’s flower queen, who represents the flower growers and exporters as an ambassador of good will.

Entertainment, an opportunity to dine on tasty northern snacks and view cultural performances are clearly features that draw both visitors and locals to this annual event.

Home and garden lovers discover Chiang Mai is a February showcase for exotic orchids, flowering plants and blooms that thrive in the northern valley’s temperate cool season.Particularly during the cool season months, mid-November through to February, this northern provinces justifies its title “Rose of the North.” But for flower lovers, who flock to this annual festival, 6 to 8 February in the town’s Buak Hat Park, there is far more to the town’s garden reputation than the impressive display of elegant roses.

Since 1977 when the annual festival was inaugurated, it has earned a reputation on par with similar events such as Japan Sakura Flower Festival and the Netherlands’ flower parades. This was further enhanced by the successful flower expo in 2006.
Due variations of climate and its mountain landscapes, the Chiang Mai Flower Festival presents a diversity of blooms and flowers. Many of them, originally imported from temperate climes such as carnations, chrysanthemum, tulips, are displayed side-by-side with tropical flowers including exotic orchids.

33rd Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2009

6th-8th February, 2009

Friday 6th February, 2009
09.00 am - midnight
Flower Exhibition, Flower and Gardening Contest at Buak Haad Public Park
09.00 am - midnight
Local Product Fair at Buak Haad Public Park
09.00 am - midnight
Food Fair on Arak Road nearby Buak Haad Public Park
05.00 pm
Opening ceremony of Flower and gardening exhibition and local product fair at Buak Haad Public Park
07.00 pm - 10.00 pm
Miss Flower Bloom and Miss International Flower Bloom contest at Buak Haad Public Park

Saturday 7th February, 2009
06.00 am - 12.00 pm
“Kadmua” ( traditional market ) next to the governor’s residence
08.00 am
Opening ceremony of the 33rd Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2009 by Mr. Wiboon Sa-nguanphong, Chiang Mai Governor at Nawarat Bridge. Launching Flower Floats Parade.
09.00 am - midnight
Flower Exhibition, Flower and Gardening Contest at Buak Haad Public Park
09.00 am - midnight
Local Product Fair at Buak Haad Public Park
09.00 am - midnight
Food Fair on Arak Road nearby Buak Haad Public Park
07.00 pm - 10.00 pm
Musical in Park at Buak Haad Public Park

Sunday 8th February, 2009
09.00 am - midnight
Flower Exhibition, Flower and Gardening Contest at Buak Haad Public Park
09.00 am - midnight
Local Product Fair at Buak haad Public Park
09.00 am - midnight
Food Fair on Arak Road nearby Buak haad Public Park
07.00 pm - 10.00 pm
Music in Park at Buak Haad Public Park

Contact :
TAT Chiang Mai Office
Tel : 66 (0) 5324 8604, 5324 8607, 5324 1466
Chiang Mai Municipality Office
Tel : 66 5324 8604
Website : www.tatchiangmai .org

Thailand Ladies Open 2009

Date : February 18 - 20, 2009
Venue : The Vintage Club, Samut Prakan

The 2009 Thailand Ladies Open is jointly organized by Thailand Ladies Golf Association and The Vintage Golf Club. It will be the 22nd occasion that TALGA has organized for the professional ladies with the challenge trophy from H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn for the professional winner and the challenge cup from the Governor of Tourism Authority of Thailand for the Amateur winner.

For More Information
Thailand Ladies Golf Association, Tel. +66 (0) 2255 7376 ext. 107, 108